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Woolwich Stadium

This former cinder track was originally known as the Garrison Athletic Ground as it belonged to Woolwich Royal artillery. The 1924 WAAAs championships were held here.

It was at what is now waste land opposite the site of the former Queen Elizabeth Hospital which is undergoing redevelopment. There is no sign of the track itself but it appears to have been in an amphitheatre part of which is still visible although the side nearest Stadium Road was flattened in 1999 and turned into a car park. There was a large stand with a capacity of approximately 1260 on the straight furthest away from Stadium Road and the seating footings can still be seen today under the dense overgrowth. It is believed the ground stopped being used for anything in about 1990 although it is unclear when the track stopped being used as it is depicted as a rugby ground on the latest Collins map. The track was however in use until at least 1962 as it is in the AW list of tracks of that year.

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