St Agnes Place

St Agnes Place was a squatted street in Kennington, South London, UK which had been resisting eviction orders for 30 years.

Bob Marley stayed there on several occasions in the 1970s; St Agnes Place has a Rastafarian community and has a Rastafarian temple along with other related social centres.

It was first squatted in 1969, after the council acquired it and planned to demolish it for the extension to Kennington Park (Then Kennington District Park). The derelict buildings were completely rebuilt by the squatters. An attempt to evict it in 1977 was successfully resisted on the rooftops although many buildings were demolished. Most were badly damaged. The residents rebuilt them again. In November 2005, Lambeth Council finally obtained a High Court order to evict the residents of 21 properties. This mass eviction was completed on 30th November 2005.

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