Purcell Room

The Purcell Room is a concert and performance venue which forms part of the South Bank Centre, one of central London’s leading cultural complexes. It is named after the 17th century English composer Henry Purcell and has 370 seats.

The Purcell Room hosts a wide range of chamber music, jazz, mime and poetry recitals. Access is via the same foyer as for the Queen Elizabeth Hall (QEH), most easily reached from the upper riverside terrace of the Royal Festival Hall.

In the context of the South Bank Centre it is the smallest of a set of three venues, the other two being the Royal Festival Hall, a large symphony hall, and the QEH, which is used for orchestral, chamber and contemporary amplified music.

The Purcell Room was built at the same time as the QEH, with which it shares a common foyer building and architectural features as an example of Brutalist architecture. The focus of the building is its interior space and it makes few concessions to external decoration. From outside, even its position within the South Bank Centre is not easy to discern.

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