Mudchute Park and Farm

The Mudchute was originally created over 150 years ago.

The spoil from the construction of Millwall Dock was dumped onto nearby land. Later, when the dock was completed, the silt that accumulated in the dock was also pumped away and dumped on the land.

The spoil and the silt together formed an area the locals referred to as “The Mudchute”.

Over time, a wild habitat developed and this became a magnet for youngsters to explore, even though the public were not officially allowed access to the land. Many of the older residents on the Isle of Dogs still speak of the illicit adventures they had as children on “The Mudchute”.

For decades, this hidden natural wilderness of flora and fauna remained untouched. However, in 1974 the site was earmarked by the Greater London Council for the construction of a high rise estate. The resulting public campaign against these plans reflected the affection that local people and those working on the Island felt for The Mudchute. Their success secured it as the “People’s Park” for the area.

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