Meantime Brewery

Meantime was founded by visionary Master Brewer, Alastair Hook, who gathered around him like-minded friends, family and his parents’ dog to form a brewing company to help him realise his vision to connect with the British drinking public in a way that no one else was doing.

Alastair’s mission was simple. To demonstrate the full flavour potential that beer has to offer, and to engage the drinking public with those flavours. Meantime exists for no other reason, (well, that and to make a bit of profit, obviously). Co-founders included South London school friend Ben Joseph, who owns the Carrhartt clothing brand in the UK and old university friend Lars Huser, former financial controller of Norwegian television channel TV2, and now the financial controller at Meantime.

Other friends invested small amounts, including fellow school friend Ray Richardson, now a leading British artist, and a friend from Alastair’s days at The Grist, a brewing trade magazine, Peter Haydon, then General Secretary of the Society of Independent Brewers and drinks author, and now, since making a significant investment, a Meantime director.

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