Freedom Brewery

Ever since 1995, when it was Britain’s first ever micro-brewed lager, Freedom has been winning awards and winning the loyalty of a small group of lager drinkers who demand quality in their beer. You’ll find it mostly in the West End and in the more fashionable bars and restaurants in West London. In some ways, Freedom has been a well kept secret, the choice of a select few.

Originally London’s first lager micro brewery, a change of direction brought about the opening of a brewpub (Freedom Ganton Street) and the purchasing as a second (Freedom Earlham Street). This resulted in the closure of their main brewery. Beer was also believed to be brewed under contract by Meantime. During 2003 the brewplant was reported removed from the Ganton Street branch and the Earlham Street branch has been sold to become B√ľnker. In the summer of 2005, they opened their own brewey under the name Brothers Brewing Co Ltd to restart manufacture of their own beer.

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