Carling Academy Brixton

The Carling Academy Brixton is a large music venue in Brixton, South London, England with a capacity of 4,921. It was built in 1929 and opened as one of four Astoria cinemas. In 1972 the Astoria closed and the building was used as an equipment store by the Rank Organisation.

It re-opened as a music venue in 1983 and was called the Brixton Academy, a name that it kept until mid 2004 when it was renamed as the Carling Academy. It is currently run by the Academy Music Group and hosts a range of live acts and club nights.

As one of the biggest non-arena venues in London it attracts many big names and has seen many famous bands perform there. The venue has also been voted venue of the year several times in the annual NME awards. However, it should be noted that Carling sponsors the NME Awards and so the legitimacy of this award is questionable.

The nearest tube and train station is Brixton.

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