Bush House (BBC)

Bush House is a building between Aldwych and The Strand in London. It is primarily home to the BBC’s World Service department, which occupies 4 of the 5 wings.

This quintessentially British building was commissioned, designed and originally owned by American individuals and companies. Irving T Bush gained approval for his plans for the building in 1919, which was planned as a major new trade centre and designed by American architect Harvey W Corbett.

The building’s opening ceremony was performed by Lord Balfour on July 4, 1925 – America’s Independence Day. It included the unveiling of two statues at the entrance made by American artist Malvina Hoffman. The statues symbolise Anglo-American friendship and the building bears the inscription ‘Dedicated to the friendship of English-speaking peoples’.

Built from Portland stone, Bush House was in 1929 declared the “most expensive building in the world”, having cost around £2,000,000 ($10,000,000).

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BBC Bush House