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Brent Cross Shopping Center

Brent Cross in London is best known as the first shopping centre to be built in the UK. Situated on the North Circular between the southern terminus of the M1 motorway and the Brent Cross Flyover in the London Borough of Barnet and taking its name from the River Brent which runs through the site.

It was the first experiment in this style of shopping experience in the UK when it opened in 1976 and was initially constructed in an I shape parallel to the North Circular, with the two largest stores being placed at each end. Subsequent expansion starting in 1995 saw the open parking areas to the north replaced by further shops and multi-storey parking giving the present inverted T shape.

Although small by the standards of more recent shopping complexes such as Meadowhall, Bluewater and the Metro Centre in Gateshead it suffers from site area limitations having been built within the conurbation rather than out-of-town.

The centre became a ‘No Smoking’ area on 1 January 2002.

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