Locations in the category : Law and order

Paddington Green Police Station

Paddington Green Police Station in the Paddington district of west central London, England is operated by the Metropolitan Police Service. It is a conventional police station, and is open to the public twenty four hours a day, but it...

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Hendon Police College

Hendon Police College is the principal training centre for the Metropolitan Police of London, England. It is situated on Aerodrome Road, Colindale, London NW4. Today more properly called the Peel Centre, although frequently still referred to by its old...

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New Scotland Yard

New Scotland Yard, often referred to simply as Scotland Yard or The Yard, is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service, responsible for policing Greater London (although not the City of London itself). New Scotland Yard occupies a 20-story...

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Old Bailey

The Central Criminal Court, commonly known as the Old Bailey (a bailey being part of a castle), is a Crown Court centre (higher criminal court) in central London, dealing with major criminal cases in Greater London and, exceptionally, in...

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